Good Moms Do...

Autor: Laura Lovecraft

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Anytime Tyler thanks his mom for something her reply is always 'That's what good moms do.' It’s an innocent enough statement, but seeing as Tyler has a taboo fascination with his mother, he always reads more into it. Tyler would love nothing more than for his good mom to do some bad things for him. But it’s just fantasy and his dirty little secret.That secret is discovered when his mother finds a pair of her panties in his bed and sees what he did to them. She confronts Tyler and he's sure he's in for trouble, but that's when his mother gives him a surprise that's like something out of one of the taboo movies he's always watching. Rather than being mad, Tyler's mom decides to show him that good moms do...anything their son needs them to do!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“I see, so you want me to believe that you’re so hard up, you used your mother’s underwear to make you what? Think they were a girlfriend’s?” she grunted. “Fantasies, you’re doing them wrong.”“Yeah, I know, but…”“Stop Tyler, just stop.” Mom sighed and reaching back around her produced his tablet.Tyler’s stomach twisted when she pressed play and the Nikki Nice video came up. Mom had rewound it and it was at the part where she was telling all the naughty sons to get their mother’s underwear.“This is bad enough, but I said well maybe it was just this video and has nothing to do with me.” Mom turned the tablet to herself and watched it for a few seconds. “But I looked closer and you’re a member of this site and every video is about mothers having sex with their sons.”“Yeah, but its, you know like Milf stuff, you know what that is, right?” he stalled.“I know what it stands for,” Mom told him. “And a mom and your mom are two very different things.” She thumbed the tablet off.“I’m having a hard time with this, Tyler.” She shrugged. “So is this why you never give me trouble? I’m like a girl you have a crush on so you just do whatever I ask?”“No! I help you out because you’re my mom and you’re by yourself with dad gone, so I do what I can.”“But not as much as you’d like to do it looks like.” Mom looked down at her chest. “Now I feel even worse about not having a bra on earlier. No wonder you said it was no big deal.” She pointed to him. “And you lied to me saying you don’t look. Bet you look plenty.”“Mom, I’m sorry.” He now just bit the bullet. “I think it’s hot in porn and yes, I guess I’ve thought of you a few times, but I’d never do anything.”“Nice of you.” She tossed the tablet disgustedly in his direction and he had to lunge to catch it.“Not as many times as you watched the birthday one, though.” She pointed to him. “Hate to break it to you, baby boy,” she mocked him, “But you’re getting a gift card and at this point maybe a trip to a shrink’s office.”
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