Stepbrother's Skinny-Dipping Virgin

Autor: Pornelope

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Jerry's whole life turns upside down when he catches his pretty stepsister skinny-dipping out in the pond. She's fascinated by the lusty bulge in his briefs, and willingly gives him a ball-busting blowjob. Now he simply can't think about anything else! Even though he knows it's wrong, how can he resist taking her virginity?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~People change gradually, and when you live with them, sometimes you don't notice the changes until something makes you pay attention.Like Jenny's skimpy little bikini, the one she liked to wear down by the pond.I'd seen it a thousand times without really noticing it...and then suddenly I realized that I had noticed it...because she was standing at the edge of the water, and she wasn't wearing it anymore.I also realized, at that same moment, that I was hornier than I'd ever been in my entire life.For my little stepsister?I was so shocked that I nearly went limp again.Then Jenny turned to grin at me, and her soft laugh was so full of mischief that I couldn't help grinning back."How long has it been since we've gone skinny-dipping together, Jerry?" she asked as she dipped a toe in the water and swirled it around.My hard-on instantly returned, even bigger and harder than before. I tried to ignore it, and focus on her question. It had to have been...oh, six or seven years, at least...right after we’d moved to the farm, and her dad had caught us splashing around one hot afternoon...I’d never seen him so furious before! He’d yelled a lot about things I hadn’t understood...and then grounded us each for a we’d never dared to try it again.“You know what your dad would do if he caught us!” I warned her. Sunlight was glistening off her luscious tanned skin, making it hard for me to concentrate. “We’re too old for that kind of thing now, anyway.”Jenny laughed again. “Since when?” she teased, splashing water at me with one foot. I tried not to flinch as it sprayed across my bare legs and chest.“C’mon, Jen,” I pleaded, trying to look anywhere else but at her sexy young body. “Get your suit back on!”Jenny only laughed, and waded deeper into the water. “You aren’t scared to join me, are you?” she taunted. “C’mon, Jerry, the water’s great!”I knew she was right...the droplets drying on my chest had been cool and inviting. But right at that moment, I didn’t trust myself to move, let alone go swimming with her! I’d never been so horny in my entire life!Without warning, Jenny vanished under the surface, then resurfaced with a delighted laugh. Water sparkled in her long hair as she waded back out and stood over me, dripping and grinning like an impish child.“If you won’t come in, I guess I’ll have to get you wet myself!” she warned me.She was just too much!Laughing, I tried to roll away...but it was too late. She vigorously shook her head, showering me with cold water.Revenge made me tackle her bare legs, and she fell on top of me with a yelp of surprise. “Jerry!” she protested, giggling.The hot thudding in my long shaft was forgotten as we wrestled back and forth, like we’d done so many times before...until my hand cupped her firm breast in an unintentional caress that made me gasp in shock.Now don’t get me wrong, I’d fondled my share of pretty tits. But this was Jenny’s warm, slippery body! And electric shocks burned my palm like wildfire as I felt her instant response!
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