Mama's Boys 2

Autor: Veronica Sloan

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Moms get horny, too. Even the sweetest mommy has dirty thoughts and desires, secret fantasies she'll never share aloud. In this collection of short stories, those fantasies become reality. Four mothers indulge in four explicit acts of taboo that their sons will never forget. You don't want your family to catch you reading this naughty volume. It's sure to earn you a spanking...~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~He hadn't called her mommy since he was a boy. The word scorched his heart. His mother's nails clawed at his biceps, desperate for his security, his love. In that moment, his body still thrumming with passion, there seemed no better comfort than a long and loving kiss. His mother's lips were salty and wet from her tears. She gave a muffled groan of surprise but did not stop him. Jennifer's muscles ached from the panic that gripped her soul. She had not been kissed like this in years. She was starved for affection. She was hungry to feel anything else but disappointment and fear and loathing for what her marriage and, by extension, her life, had become. She reached out to her son with instinctual lust, suddenly yearning...Later, standing in their separate showers, each reflected on the incident with shock--but not horror. Jennifer made her son promise not to hurt his father but said nothing about their union, neither encouragement nor explanation. Zack's only thoughts were of protecting his mother, and her body. He had barely dressed himself, his hair still dripping from the shower, when he went back to her. His smooth forehead creased with concern as he said, "I won't let him back in the house. I'll never let him touch you again.""No, Zack," she said, unthinking. "I need to be touched. I can't stand this loneliness." Her skin was still warm from the steam, her hair fragrant with her conditioner, her sweet, maternal scent...He touched her. She could not let him go. Her fingers splayed over his young muscles, her heart swelling with pride at his goodness. This was her son, young and strong and beautiful, and she wanted those innocent qualities inside her again. It was so much easier to accept his lust than to confront the ugly world outside her door. They went to the floor again, buried in one another. "Oh, my baby," she moaned. "What have I done to you?""You set me free," he told her. Now that her body was open to him, he begged her never to close the gates.For years they begged each other in equal turns, to finish or to begin again their sweet, insatiable sin. Zack's father never knew, which was no great surprise. Even a blind man would have seen the new tenderness between mother and son, but Paul was less than blind. He was trapped in a hell of his own making, ignorant to all but his demons.
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