Daddy Raped Me

Autor: penelope liksit

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONDaddy raped me and made me pregnant then eighteen years later raped my daughter who was also his. A tale so depraved that to even utter the title is a sin. You have been warned.EXCERPTDaddy wanted to rape his little girl. Oh yes sirree he most definitely did. He remembered his wife’s last words to him before she so sadly departed. “Whatever you do Frank, don’t rape out little girl. Your filthy cock doesn’t belong anywhere near her”.One thing Frank could say for his late wife, she sure knew her husband. She had always known what kind of guy he was from the day of their weeding. Probably beforehand. Wandering up the aisle with one eye on the bridesmaids ass, it had not gone unnoticed by his wife. What his wife had not known was that Frank has just emptied his load up that ass not ten minutes earlier after blackmailing her with pictures of her fucking a guy she should not have.It was surely not at every wedding that the bridesmaid would be standing there with the grooms cum in her ass. But Frank did like to make every occasion really special. He had always been a man who followed his dick. If he saw a bitch who made his cock hard that bitch was his, no matter what it took. Some bitches spread their legs pretty much upon asking but Frank truly loved a touch of evil in his fucking. He liked to lie, he liked to cheat, he liked to steal, he liked to fuck other men’s wives in the ass, he liked to blackmail innocent girls into doing the most depraved of acts, and if all else failed, hell, there was always good old rape. Just kidnap that bitch when there was no one else around, haul her to a private location and have your way with her, that was how Frank liked to roll. Every bitch said yes in the end. Even his rapes victims came when he did. He could tell. Fuck, it ended up like they were making love on a fucking beach on the Mediterranean.There truly was nothing like the feel of a woman squirting her cunt juice all over your raping cock. So Frank had pretty much done it all. Except for one thing, and that was slip it to his little girl. Frank had decided to wait until she was eighteen; he was no barbarian after all.
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