Intentional Incest

Autor: Surely Wilder

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:What’s a girl to do when she finds out that her fiancé is actually her half-brother; and that he has been trying to impregnate his mother? Sleep with her father of course. Surely Wilder’s latest erotic book completes the family seduction series with true sensual delight. Discover how mother, brother, and sister bring Daddy into the folds.EXCERPT:Cassandra and Paul burst through the door and found Tracey fully naked, with my cock imbedded deep inside of her. Of course, my first instinct was to dislodge myself from the situation, but Tracey managed to lock her feet into the couch cushions and bear down on me with all her might. Her pussy swallowed my penis to the root. I couldn’t move, I could only watch as my children caught us in full flagrante.Panic shot through me as my daughter locked eyes with me. I couldn’t pull away from her gaze as she leered at Tracey and me. It was clear that she liked our naked forms locked together in a carnal act. To be honest, I didn’t want to look away from her; some animalistic impulse took over as I saw the look of desire in my child’s eyes. My daughter looked downward to see my hard penis in its full glory as Tracey leaned forward to show both children our union. “Look at your daughter, Jason. She wants this cock inside of her,” Tracey whispered, and I knew she was right. A look of sheer lust crossed my daughter’s face as she bit her lower lip and stamped her foot. She wasn’t embarrassed at all, my child was excited.Tracey grabbed my hand and brought it to her pussy. “Make me cum.” She demanded.I felt as though I were in a trance as I looked at Cassie, and imagined that she was on my lap as I began rubbing Tracey’s clit. “Don’t cum inside of me Jason . . . Save that joy for your daughter . . .” Tracey panted. I suddenly began doing all of the techniques she had taught me as I fought the orgasm that was beginning to grow. I began taking deep breaths as I simply willed myself to last.I focused on Tracey, her statement inspired me, and I mashed my fingers on her clit, as she began moaning in the first waves of a truly intense orgasm. There was no way that she was going to stop until this orgasm passed. I looked at my daughter while I manipulated Tracey’s pleasure button. My daughter nodded and smiled brightly as she stared at our lewd action. She liked what she saw. Her reaction inspired me.“Were we interrupting, mother?” Paul asked sarcastically.“OH FUCK ME DADDY!!!” Tracey called out in the high pitched voice as she began truly bouncing up and down on my hips.“Mother, are you pretending to be me?” Cassie asked with excitement. I looked up at Cassie. She had a joyous look on her face as Paul stood behind her and began unbuttoning her coat. It was instantly apparent that my daughter was completely nude underneath. I watched with fascination as each button revealed more and more of my daughter’s womanly flesh.“YES...YES...YOUR FATHER WANTS TO FUCK YOU!!!” Tracy panted as she moved upon me. She was sliding fully up on me to show Cassie as much of my cock as possible.“Good because I want to hold your bare penis in my pussy, Daddy.”
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