Gina's Forbidden Desires 3

Autor: Houston Cei

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

After a successful career as a stripper, Susie finds that she has a knack for being a porn actress. Her parents not only approve of her new endeavor, it inspires them to become a part of her love-life. After introducing them to her good friends Gina and Michael, a foursome is in the works. The two sailor sons of her director, Lucy, will come home from sea duty to find a myriad of sexual action.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~After arriving home at about ten o'clock in that evening, James excused himself and his brother to dress more comfortably. They emerged from their familiar old bedrooms where they had parked their luggage each wearing shorts, T-shirts and thongs. Lucy was sitting on the sofa in waiting and still wearing the short skirt with her legs crossed in that way that makes a woman look enticing. The skirt was hiked up to the point that the  garter-belt straps holding her black nylons were visible along with a few inches of the smooth, bare skin of each of her shapely thighs. She was  not intentionally trying to catch their eyes, but nevertheless, she enjoyed their glancing at her sexy legs and breast cleavage. After inviting her boys to sit beside her to chat, they thanked her for a wonderful evening. They accepted her offer of a glass of white wine and after slowly slipping the first glass, James and Ralph were telling exaggerated stories of their activities at various ports of call in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. After Lucy had finished her second glass of wine, her boys had just barely drank their fist. Realizing that they were already relaxed and slightly tipsy, she severed their second glasses of wine over crushed ice. They cracked a few ribald jokes and Lucy was very amused by their slurring of words. Suddenly, it was obvious to Lucy that her sons were not serious drinkers.Neither James nor Ralph cold speak very clearly but with inhibitions being relaxed by the wine, they managed to express a desire to hear about her work in the porn industry. She said that all was going well but did not discuss in detail her incest productions. When James asked who her favorite star was, she talked about Susie Swan.Seeing that he two sons could probably not handle another full glass of wine, Lucy simply freshen their drinks. In an effort to make his speech as clear as possible, James asked, “Do you have a DVD handy of this Susie Swan?”“Well, okay, I guess we could watch a little porn together,” she responded, but then she noticed that Ralph appeared to be passed out with his head on her shoulder. “It looks like your little brother is going to miss out.”Lucy and James moved from the sofa to let Ralph sleep all stretched out in comfort and adjusted the love seat to watch the video together. After setting up the DVD player and sitting back down, James felt compelled to say, “Mom, I could look at your beautiful legs all day long.”“Be my guest, dear son,” Lucy responded in appreciation of the compliment. She was both surprised and pleased with James' comment and the thought that there was an underlying meaning to it momentarily crossed her mind. The idea quickly passed as she thought, My two boys have been out to see for too long and they are just not real drinkers. After less than three small glasses of wine, one is passed out and the other one has a buzz.As Lucy and James were watching the movie, she said, “This one has my number one star, Susie Swan that you requested.”
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