At Home With Momma

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Ever wonder what happens after strippers head home after their shift? Ever wonder what they think about or desire while they lay around at home. Come and find out now, with this good read of mother and son tales of three different strippers who work for the same club.EXCERPT:Keagan looked up and then took his mouth out of his mom’s tight vagina. “Just give me a chance mom. I can make you feel better than any other man. I promise. I got a bigger dick and a long tongue unlike your stupid fucking boyfriend.”“That’s not the point, Keagan and you know it. You’re my son!”“So?”“So? That means we can’t. It’s illegal, dummy!” Kitty shook her head in annoyance. She tried to move away, but the tub felt slippery as hell, which made her body move downward even more and closer to her son’s mouth and body.The tongue actually moved in deeper and Kitty actually felt some teeth dig into her clit, causing her to yelp in pain and in pleasure at the same time. Her son continued to lick inside her pussy, making her still cum, to her surprise.Since her son ignored her protests, Kitty figured she would just let him eat her out and get it over with. That way he would leave, and she could feel satisfied for the night and then move on from the odd behavior and odd sexual act. Like Keagan said, no one would find out. Right?So, Kitty grabbed her son’s thin blonde hair and yanked on it, just a little bit. That caused him to yelp in pain and pleasure. After that, Kitty moved her son’s head into her groin even more. “Is that what you want, son?” Kitty asked.Keagan moaned loudly and licked the full groin area. Up and down, in and out. He guided his tongue over the pussy lips, the slit, and the clit, with a steady, fast pace. He moved his long tongue back into the vagina and thrusted in and out, fast and steady.“Good god, Keagan!” Kitty yelled out loudly as the tongue moved in and out. Deep, fast, and steady.Kitty felt a big orgasm rush through her as she watched her own son eat her out. She could see him enjoying every inch of her shaved groin. The tongue moved in and out, and rolled around inside her pussy for several more minutes. That caused Kitty to feel one orgasm after another, to her surprise.To make things even better for herself, Kitty put her own finger over her swollen red clit, and fingered the clit fast. Round and round. Her son still worked his way around the vagina, with his tongue, making the vagina good and wet everywhere from his saliva, and her own cum.Kitty bucked her hips a little bit, to make the tongue go in deeper into her drenched pussy.Keagan loved tasting his mother’s sweet smelling cum as he felt another rush of the goo flow into his mouth. He swallowed it with pride and then continued to enjoy the full length of the vagina. He moved his mom’s finger off her clit and licked it with his tongue. After that, he nibbled on it and then licked it again.“Good god, Keagan!” Kitty yelled out loudly, as she felt a big rush of an orgasm again.Keagan stopped long enough to look up at his momma and smiled proudly. “I told you, I’m good at this. I’m a sex god!”
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