I Spy a Sabotaged Scaffold

Autor: J.J. Brass

Wydawnictwo: Rainbow Crush

Elise Golden can’t take it anymore! The flat above hers is being renovated, and she can’t stand the banging overhead—not to mention all the dirt, dust and danger disrupting their peaceful small-town courtyard. When one of the contractors is badly injured due to sabotaged scaffolding, it’s up to Elise the Courtyard Clairvoyant to figure out who is to blame. Was it love, money, or jealousy that led the culprit to make an attempt on a young man’s life? I Spy a Sabotaged Scaffold is the second book in The Courtyard Clairvoyant Mysteries, a small-town paranormal cozy mystery series featuring a great cast of LGBTQIA characters!
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