Confessions of Taboo

Autor: Houston Cei

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

After the Lee family's unstable next door neighbors left the bedroom community, in moved the Thompsons and the two families hit it off. They had much in common with each having a teenage daughter who became inseparable friends. After a friendly encounter of skinny-dipping, the two families were destined to become more than friends.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~The day after their very first experience at skinny dipping in their swimming pool, Bruce and Darlene invited the Lees over for dinner and since nothing was said about swimming they came dressed in shorts and T-shirts. Cora was right; before even thinking about dinner, Darlene was the one to bring up the subject, "We would like to share with you what we experienced yesterday. Because it was so hot, the three of us swam in the nude, and it was fun and relaxing." There was a short pause and the Lees said nothing about getting a glimpse of them diving in the nude. Darlene continued, "So here's the deal, we'd like the three of you, our very best friends, to join us on this very warm, beautiful evening in some skinny dipping. What do you say?""I'm all for it," Cora said and then made eye contact with Anthony and then Claudia who both shrugged their shoulders and responded in the affirmative."Wonderful!" Darlene exclaimed and then addressed Cora, "We don't want to make a strip tease out of this so Bruce and I will go into our bedroom to undress, Kathleen and Claudia can go into one of the other bedrooms, and you and Anthony can undress right her and we'll all met at the patio."There was a certain degree of wisdom in Darlene's suggestion; a "strip tease" is meant to be sexually arousing and seeing a member of the opposite sex in his or her underwear can be more stimulating than viewing a naked body. The invitation to swim in the nude had no sexual implications at that point.Anthony and Cora were already in the water when Claudia and Kathleen showed up at the edge of the pool followed by Bruce and Darlene. The six of them had so much fun swimming, diving and tossing around the beach ball and enjoying their nudity that all other problems and cares seemed to vanish.After they had all swum, dived and played until nearly exhausted, Darlene suggested that it was time to have the dinner that their guests had originally been promised. She and her daughter prepared and served cold hoagie-style sandwiches and salads that were very fitting for dinging outdoors on the patio. Both families were so comfortable dinging in the nude that nobody made any suggestion about getting dressed.After dinner, Kathleen tuned in on the radio a classic rock station with the music playing on the outdoor speakers of the patio. Claudia got excited to hear one of her favorite upbeat oldies and asked her father to dance. It was one of those songs that seemed to bridge the generation gap and Anthony was pleased to comply. Cora was amused to see her husband's penis swinging around to the rhythm of the rock music. When another song began, Bruce stood up to take Darlene by the hand for a dance and Kathleen danced with Cora. The next song was a beautiful, slow waltz which was one of Anthony's favorites and he wanted to keep his daughter as a dancing partner. The waltz steps of Anthony and Claudia were slow, very smooth, and even picturesque as they twirled and went back into an embrace; after each twirl, the embrace was tighter. Their nudity was not meant to have any sexual implications but as they were dancing cheek to cheek, Anthony lost touch with reality when he fantasized his daughter as his lover.
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