Broken by his 12 inch black dick!!!

Autor: Baby Angie

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: She was a professional working girl who had two weakness'. She loved to suck cock and she loved it when the men were uncut! One night she runs into a big, Black guy with a 12 inch cock that's not only uncut, but leaking!! By the time Leroy' done with this fertile White slut, her holes will never be tight again!! EXCERPT: “Fucking balls are deep up your white pussy! Dayum, I’m going to bust my nut in you bitch!! Look at this pretty white booty wrapped around my dick. You just love my fat donkey cock.” Yes, I do love fat donkey, horse, and human cock up my pussy. If Leroy keeps this up, I may end up paying him. His fat cock stretching my cunt and forcing my clit to rub up against the comforter, as well as feeling his sweat drip on my back was just about to push me over the edge with another monster orgasm. Just before he shot his load, I realized I wasn’t using protection; forgot to take my pill. Shit, had to think fast. “Give it to me, baby! Give me that cock up my ass! Give it to me up my ass, all of it!” “You fucking slut, I knew you liked black dick up your ass! Your ass better ready to take all of me.” Without further ado, Leroy pressed the head of his thoroughly slicked up cock against my anus and pushed in hard. “Oh, baby! That feels so good!! Harder, fuck my filthy white ho ass harder! Fill me up with your black meat!” “Damn bitch, you are one horny freak! Get ready; I’m going to bust my nut up your slutty ass!” With one powerful push, Leroy shoved his entire massive cock up my ass. I know that later on, I am going to have to go to a doctor to make sure he didn’t rip my anus. “Baby, I can feel your fat nigger cock up my ass! Give me your juice, baby, lubricate my cute white bubble butt!” That was all Leroy needed to hear to start shooting his load. I could feel the powerful jets of cum shooting up my ass. The feeling triggered another orgasm. My pussy was pulsating more powerfully than ever. I think I could fall in love with Leroy’s cock. “Drain my balls you white ho!” “Damn, bitch, you love that nigger nut inside your ass!” Even as he said it, I could feel Leroy’s cock still spurting cum. Good thing he didn’t bust his nut inside my unprotected pussy.
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