Eternally Bound

Autor: Meredith Jaussaud

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONA lovesick young man explores the complexities and intrigue of a long-term relationship with his beautiful mother. Setting out to win the heart of his mother Beth, Chris confronts age old traditions and attitudes, debunking the many baseless fears and myths of passionate, forbidden love between a mother and her son. A once fleeting fetish blossoms into a profound tale of unrequited love and endless passion.EXCERPTI loved coming on to the girls hard and fast. I knew I came off as too intense for some, but some girls found it to be irresistible. I was just coming off a devastating breakup with Natalie, a gorgeous, svelte blond EMT technician who I had fallen hard for the previous Christmas. The lovemaking was breathtaking and daring. The intensity of our sex was spellbinding, and I desperately ached for that level of intensity again. But it was in my heartache that my imagination began trickling into my thoughts and dreams. Being a millennial I was raised with the internet, and not a lot was weird or taboo to me. But I found myself becoming more curious about certain fetishes. Older women. MILFs. Cougars. My human sexuality class and my budding curiosities seemed to come together at the right moment, and I was thrilled that the new semester began when it did. This was going to be a piece of cake.“I'd like to tell you a story that many would view as epic; a true lifelong romance. A sexy and thought-provoking tale of overwhelming love, respect and intimacy. Greg was a tall, strapping young man studying to be a railroad engineer. He was a brawny outdoorsman with an almost perfect, chiseled physique of power and muscle. His English and Italian heritage gave his skin a perfect olive complexion. As a helpless romantic, Greg pursued and married his childhood sweetheart Ann at 17 years old. Both still children by many definitions, Greg and Ann struck out to build their family and nest-egg to provide for their daughter Dawn, born just a year later.”The speaker, Professor Shannon Dryden, was an alluring, auburn-haired woman in her mid-30s. I’d never really been attracted to redheads, but Shannon—that’s what she’d asked us to call her—had a lush, voluptuous figure and that peaches-and-cream skin that made you hungry for a taste. As she spoke, she moved around the classroom distributing copies of her syllabus to the dozens of students gathered for the first day of Human Sexuality 101.“Barely 18 years old, Greg worked three jobs to make sure his bride and daughter were taken care of. He adored his family and his actions mirrored his deep love for Ann and Dawn.”“However, Ann’s young life was tragically struck down when she lost her life to a drunk driver late one cold February night. This tragedy would echo throughout the rest of Greg and his precious daughter’s lives, reverberating with consequences both anticipated and unforeseen.”“As Dawn grew, Greg worked tirelessly to ensure his daughter's future. With wonderful neighbors and a caring network of family and friends, Greg watched his daughter blossom into a gorgeous young woman by the time she graduated high school in 1979. So why on earth am I telling you this story on the first day of a human sexuality class?” Shannon paused for a moment, then said: “Greg and Dawn are my biological parents.”
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