My Mother's Secret Lover

Autor: Veronica Sloan

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONIt's a case of mistaken identity when Adam wanders into the wrong bedroom at a family get-together. Little does he know the sexy woman he's going down on isn't his girlfriend - it's his mother! Julia quickly figures out the mixup, but she's not going to tell Adam. In the dark, her passionate son is the best lover she's ever had!EXCERPTI'm more than just a housewife. I have needs, needs that made me burn in the middle of the night, needs that made me ache with selfish longing while my husband slept soundly beside me. More than once I tried to shake things up, bought some ridiculous lingerie to get him in the mood. When he saw me in it he just laughed - and that hurt - and asked how much I spent on the lace.I would have preferred it if he just said he didn't want me, instead of laughing. Over the years, I had worked so hard to stay in shape. I was in my forties, an age when most of my girlfriends were finally letting themselves go, letting their gym memberships collect dust and the pounds pack onto their waists. Not me. I'm proud, I admit it, and men had always given me those looks from across the bar that said "I want you."God, I would have given anything to feel that way again. And, oh God, I did...I gave up the most sacred thing, the relationship between a mother and her son, just to ride his beautiful...I'm wicked, I know it. But I just can't help myself now, not after the floodgates have been opened and I finally feel like a woman again. Is this all my fault? No, not all. Adam could stop if he really wanted to. Sometimes he says he wants to, but I see the truth in his eyes, I feel the truth in his body. He likes making me shake, likes taking control of his horny mother.I sound like such a slut when I go on like this, but I'd only had three lovers before Phil, and none of them lasted very long. We were married young, and in my youthful naivete I assumed all men would be as randy as Rodney, or as domineering as Scott. But not Phil. Not my sweet, loving Phil. I married him because he was a good man, because he promised to always take care of me, to be a provider and a protector. Mostly, he does those things well. But our bedroom antics were never that exciting.And even that, I tell myself, would have been fine. If only that pleasant routine had continued. But when Adam stumbled into the guest room on that fateful summer night, I hadn't lain with a man in nearly three years. I didn't know if Phil was impotent, if he was seeing someone else, or if he just didn't feel like having sex anymore. It wasn't something we talked about, it was just something that happened.So am I so terrible for enjoying the feeling of a man's hands on my body? Should I have stopped him from ripping off my pants and devouring me like some hungry cannibal? I know the answer's yes, but I'd been burning for years. The moment his tongue touched my body, I knew it didn't belong to my husband. But I was too drunk, too horny, too happy to care. I'll remember that night for the rest of my life...
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