Dad's Dog Made Me His Bitch

Autor: Kimmy Hicks

Wydawnictwo: TT Books

It was the weekend and I was supposed to be dog sitting for my Dad's huge, male Rottweiler, Buddy. It's too bad that I was fertile that day, and so horny that I felt just like a bitch in heat, myself. All I wanted was a little "me" time to get myself off, but Buddy's nose zeroed right in on my horny smell, and the huge beast wasn't taking no for an answer! When his warm tongue began licking in all the right places, I realized that maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad weekend after all. EXCERPT:I stripped off my clothes and collapsed on the bed, vibrator in hand. I got to work, massaging my clit with my fingers and sticking the vibrating dildo into my creamy pussy. I was working myself hard, and the room stank like my lady cum- which must have been the reason that Buddy came stalking into the room, sniffing at the air. I didn't pay much attention to him until he jumped up on the bed with me and laid down in between my spread legs. "Move it, Buddy! We'll play later, ok?" I tried to kick him away, but he planted himself down, his snout inches from my wet pussy. When I tried to swat him away with my hand, Buddy let out a low growl. His muscular, black body was planted, and he had decided he wasn't going anywhere. My back was against the head board, so I couldn't back up when he shoved his face into my crotch again, only this time I was naked and his black doggy nose was shoved right into the wet folds of my pussy. He began lapping away with his large, velvety tongue, drinking my nectar straight from the source.
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