Something Deep Inside

Autor: Kelly Wilcox

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: She had always been painfully shy, and that had always held her back. But, one magic drug awakes something deep inside of her. And once awake, no one is safe from her depravity--not even her own family! EXCERPT: Her friend was bent over the desk. One of Brandy’s boobs, the one with the black star tattooed over the nipple, had popped out of her T-shirt, and now bounced up and down. Brandy faced clinched, as if she were wincing in pain, and the muscles in her neck looked like they were about ready to pop out. Behind her friend, Marissa saw her dad. He was completely naked. Now, Marissa had seen her dad stripped down to his shorts before, when they would go to the beach, or on days when he and his friends from Mexico would go out into the field and kick the soccer ball around. And, he wasn’t a bad look guy. Granted he didn’t have six pact abs, but he was lean, and had a slight muscle tone look to him. Seeing him now, though, like this, Marissa felt ashamed. At the same time, she had a deer in the headlights moment, as if her mind couldn’t process what she’s seeing right now. She watched as her dad thrust his bare hips forwards. Her friend’s bare ass shook in response. “What the f…,” Marissa started to say, but her friend cut her off. “I’ve cum four times,” Brandy whimpered, “But he just won’t stop.” Suddenly, Brandy’s body began to violently shake, and her lips curled back as if she were about to scream, but only a low moan comes out. Brandy’s eyes rolled back, and her head slumped forward. “Brandy,” Marissa called out. “Brandy,” she called out again. But, it was no good. Her friend had passed out. Marissa now looked toward her dad, and what she saw frightened her. Her dad had a wild look in his eyes, and yet, at the same time, his expression was completely vacant. The lights were on, but no one was home. Her dad continued to pump away, hammer into Brandy’s unconscious body. “Daddy,” Marissa cried, on the verge of being hysterical, “Stop! Please, stop!”
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