What the Were-Bear Wants: A Paranormal Shifter Romance

Autor: Elexis Avant

Wydawnictwo: Publisher s21000

Jared Ursa has been hunted all his life, simply for being born a shifter, and like every male in his family, he can transform into a giant black bear at will. Hiding out in the woods, he crosses paths with Diana, a huntress dedicated to bringing him in. Sexy, sultry, and definitely dangerous, Diana makes a formidable foe. But their face-to-face encounter changes the nature of their relationship: from hunter and hunted to sexy, steamy lovers. She’s entranced by his passionate, predatory nature tempered by a natural gentility; he can’t stop thinking about how she’s the first woman not to be afraid of him...and his size... An incredibly hot were-bear shifter romance with plenty of steam and roar. You’ll have to beg, borrow or steal to find a hotter shifter story!
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