How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business

Autor: MA Winn Trivette II

Wydawnictwo: Winn Trivette II, MA

Businesses need superior information to outwit their rivals in the modern Knowledge Economy.  In this eye-opening account, certified translator Winn Trivette II explains why firms should use translation as a pro-active tool to successfully compete – and win – in global markets. How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business outlines steps to: •    Use translation to enhance the collection of actionable business intelligence. •    Embrace a novel approach using translation to discover and open uncontested market space in order to serve new clients. •    Implement the New Frontier Vision business strategy to guide market leaders like you to make better-informed decisions. •    Transform actionable information into plans, plans into actions, and actions into greater profits. •    Optimize business performance and leave rivals behind while discovering new market segments for your goods and/or services. Are you ready for a smarter way to move your company forward? Businesses need every advantage to survive in the modern Knowledge Economy. The stakes are higher for firms competing on a global scale. It is no secret successful companies need information to outwit their rivals. How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business is the first book of its kind for companies to explore a new business strategy built on translation.
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