Light, Seasonal Reading by New Author C. C. BrowerContains three short stories to fill your holidays with cheer: Long Overdue Santa - The house seemed so empty now with the children all grown up and on their own. Just [ ] and his masters. A view of the holidays through the eyes of the family dog.But this holiday has surprises for all, and a heartwarming surprise ending.A light read to cheer your heart. The Emperor's Scribe - A young apprentice teaches the Emperor truths found in recording the day-to-day events of the Royal Court. What he found changed an empire... When Vacation Plans Revise - He was in the bathroom when the explosion left him alone in his emergency spacesuit. Ahead is the greatest challenge of his life - survive with the little training he'd gotten before setting out on this vacation in the stars...About the author:C. C. Brower is a new author and rapidly gaining an audience for her fresh approach to storytelling. These short stories give you a taste of her style and approach. Perfect for filling in the idle moments.