Clocking in Modern VLSI Systems

Wydawnictwo: Springer US

. . . ????????????????????????????????? ????????????? ????????????,????? ???? ??????????? ???????????????????? ???. THUCYDIDIS HISTORIAE IV:108 C. Hude ed. , Teubner, Lipsiae MCMXIII ???????????,????? ??,? ????????????????? ???????????????????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??? ????????? ??? ?’ ?????????? ??’ ?????????? ? ??????? ??? ????????????? ???????. ???????????????????:108 ???????????? ?????????????????????? ?. ?????????????. ????????????,????? It being the fashion of men, what they wish to be true to admit even upon an ungrounded hope, and what they wish not, with a magistral kind of arguing to reject. Thucydides (the Peloponnesian War Part I), IV:108 Thomas Hobbes Trans. , Sir W. Molesworth ed. In The English Works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, Vol. VIII I have been introduced to clock design very early in my professional career when I was tapped right out of school to design and implement the clock generation and distribution of the Alpha 21364 microprocessor. Traditionally, Alpha processors - hibited highly innovative clocking systems, always worthy of ISSCC/JSSC publi- tions and for a while Alpha processors were leading the industry in terms of clock performance. I had huge shoes to ?ll. Obviously, I was overwhelmed, confused and highly con?dent that I would drag the entire project down.
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