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Help your patients through the maze of infertilitytreatments Infertility is suffered by around 1 in 7 couples and can be asource of confusion for both partners, providing high stress onrelationships. 25% of cases are explained through male infertility,50% through female infertility, whilst 25% are generallyunexplained. The possible causes and solutions are many andcomplex. Infertility, one of the first in the new Gynecology in Practiceseries, assists gynecologists and family practitioners to bettercare for their patients who have trouble conceiving. The authorsprovide a strong focus on effective diagnosis and management.Following a review of the factors that affect fertility,Infertility takes a practical approach to: * Evaluation of fertility * Management and treatment * Complications * Pre-implantation screening * Fertility preservation Gynecology in Practice The Gynecology in Practice series provides clinical 'in theoffice' or 'at the bedside' guides to effective patient care forgynecologists. The tone is practical, not academic, with authorsoffering guidance on what might be done and what should be avoided.The books are informed by evidence-based practice and feature: * Algorithms and guidelines where they are appropriate * ''Tips and Tricks' boxes - hints on improvingoutcomes * 'Caution' warning boxes - hints on avoidingcomplications * 'Science Revisited' - quick reminder of the basic scienceprinciples * Summaries of key evidence and suggestions for furtherreading
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