Essential iOS Build and Release. A Comprehensive Guide to Building, Packaging, and Distribution

Autor: Ron Roche


Frustrated by the requirements for testing and distributing your iOS app? not alone. This concise book takes you step by step through the maze of certification and provisioning processes that have to happen before, during, and after development. You...ll learn what...s required to sign certificates, test your app on iOS devices, and release the finished product to the App Store.

Whether a developer looking to spend more time coding and less time figuring out how to install your application, or a release engineer responsible for producing reliable builds, this guide will help you successfully navigate the build and release processes for your iOS app.

  • Get an overview of the iOS Dev Center, including the iOS Provisioning Portal, Member Center, and iTunes Connect
  • Create your App ID, and generate signing certificates for development and distribution
  • Manage the provisioning profiles necessary to test your app on iOS devices
  • Learn common scenarios for iOS Simulator, Ad Hoc, and App Store distribution builds
  • Automate the process to continuously build, sign, and package your app(s) for distribution
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