Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual. The book that should have been in the box

Autor: Peter Meyers

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Enter a bright new world of entertainment with Amazon’s red hot tablet. This guide lights the way with lots of illustrations and step-by-step instructions for browsing the Web, emailing, playing games, and viewing books, movies, and magazines in blazing color. Learn how to manage your media library on the Fire and in the cloud—and where to find the coolest apps.Note: This first edition of Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual covers only the original Kindle Fire sold between November, 2011 and September, 2012. For later models, please see Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual, 2nd edition.The important stuff you need to know:Read all about it. Find, load, and read a variety of ebooks, magazines, and newspapers.Go online. Browse the Web and manage email with a secure Wi-Fi connection.Put on a show. Watch movies and TV series, and showcase your photos and videos.Fill up your jukebox. Listen to your favorite music from Amazon and iTunes.Load up on apps. Get popular games, guides, references, and more with Amazon’s Apps for Android.Take your briefcase. Read PDFs, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, and other docs.
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