Getting Started with Couchbase Server

Autor: MC Brown


Do you know what to do if your web application goes viral and usage suddenly explodes? This concise guide introduces you to Couchbase Server, an extremely fast NoSQL database that automatically distributes data across a cluster of commodity servers or virtual machines. You...ll learn hands-on how to build a Couchbase cluster without changing your application, and how to expand your database on the fly without interrupting service.

Discover how this open source server can help your application gain scalability and performance.

  • Learn how the server...s architecture affects the way you build and deploy your database
  • Store data without defining a data structure-and retrieve it without complex queries or query languages
  • Use a formula to estimate your cluster size requirements
  • Set up individual nodes through a browser, command line, or REST API
  • Enable your application to read and write data with sub-millisecond latency through managed object caching
  • Get a quick guide to building applications that integrate Couchbase...s core protocol
  • Identify problems in your cluster with the web console
  • Expand or shrink your cluster, handle failovers, and back up data
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