Just Spring Integration

Autor: Madhusudhan Konda


Get started with Spring Integration, the lightweight Java-based framework that makes designing and developing message-oriented architectures a breeze. Through numerous examples, you...ll learn how to use this open source framework...s basic building blocks to work with both inter- and intra-application programming models.

If you...re a Java developer familiar with the Spring framework (perhaps through O...Reilly...s Just Spring tutorial) and want to advance your skills with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) patterns, and messaging systems in particular, this book is ideal.

  • Learn Spring Integration fundamentals, including channels, endpoints, and messages
  • Use message channels to decouple applications, separating producers from consumers
  • Discover how common endpoint patterns separate a messaging application...s business logic from integration details
  • Create a seamless integration between the endpoints, using Transformers
  • Implement Spring Integration...s flow components to design your messaging application...s business flow
  • Configure the framework...s File, FTP, JMS, and JDBC adapters to integrate with external systems
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