Programming Google App Engine

Autor: Dan Sanderson


Google App Engine makes it easy to create a web application that can serve millions of people as easily as serving hundreds, with minimal up-front investment. With Programming Google App Engine, Google engineer Dan Sanderson provides practical guidance for designing and developing your application on Google...s vast infrastructure, using App Engine...s scalable services and simple development model.

Through clear and concise instructions, you...ll learn how to get the most out of App Engine...s nearly unlimited computing power. This second edition is fully updated and expanded to cover Python 2.7 and Java 6 support, multithreading, asynchronous service APIs, and the use of frameworks such as Django 1.3 and webapp2.

  • Understand how App Engine handles web requests and executes application code
  • Learn about new datastore features for queries and indexes, transactions, and data modeling
  • Create, manipulate, and serve large data files with the Blobstore
  • Use task queues to parallelize and distribute computation across the infrastructure
  • Employ scalable services for email, instant messaging, and communicating with web services
  • Track resource consumption, and optimize your application for speed and cost effectiveness
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