Social eCommerce. Increasing Sales and Extending Brand Reach

Autor: Stephan Spencer, Jimmy Harding, Jennifer Sheahan


Want to make money online? Then ignore social media at your own risk. Social media is vital if you want to your business to thrive, and though you can...t control the conversations, you can influence them. This book will teach you how.

If mismanaged, social media can create more noise than signal. It can be a time and energy suck-for you and your audience. Or worse still, it can become an echo chamber for negative PR.

If done well, guerrilla social media marketing can help you persuade, command attention, establish dialogue, differentiate yourself, capture new markets, and outmaneuver the competition-all on a shoestring budget. Whether selling digital goods and services, physical goods, or local services, this book has the answers.

  • Strategize and optimize your social presence in ways you didn...t know were possible
  • Drive more clicks and sales with better-performing Facebook ads
  • Develop remarkable content with viral potential
  • Manage your online reputation, instead of letting it manage you
  • Integrate social media into your SEO strategy, and vice versa
  • Leverage online influencers to promote your brand, and become an influencer yourself
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