Access 2010: The Missing Manual

Autor: Matthew MacDonald


Unlock the secrets of this powerful database program and discover how to use your data in creative ways. With this book...s easy step-by-step process, you...ll quickly learn how to build and maintain a complete Access database, using Access 2013...s new, simpler user interface and templates. You also get practices and tips from the pros for good database design-ideal whether using Access for school, business, or at home.

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Build a database with ease. Store information to track numbers, products, documents, and more.
  • Customize the interface. Build your own forms to make data entry a snap.
  • Find what you need fast. Search, sort, and summarize huge amounts of information.
  • Put your data to use. Turn raw info into printed reports with attractive formatting.
  • Share your data. Collaborate online with SharePoint and the Access web database.
  • Dive into Access programming. Get tricks and techniques to automate common tasks.
  • Create rich data connections. Build dynamic links with SQL Server, SharePoint, and other systems.
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