Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms

Autor: Stephen Goldin

Wydawnictwo: Stephen Goldin

GHOSTS, GIRLS, & OTHER PHANTASMS is a comprehensive collection of Stephen Goldin’s solo short fiction, containing most of the stories from his earlier collection THE LAST GHOST AND OTHER STORIES. (The "Angel in Black" stories have been broken out into their own volume.) It includes some of his best-known stories, such as the Nebula Award finalist story “The Last Ghost” and the oft-anthologized “Sweet Dreams, Melissa.” The complete Table of Contents lists:Sweet Dreams, MelissaThe Girls on USSF 193Nice Place to VisitWhen There's No Man AroundXenophobeGrim Fairy TaleOf Love, Free Will, and Gray Squirrels on a Summer EveningStubbornBut As A Soldier, For His CountryThe World Where Wishes WorkedApollyon Ex MachinaPrelude to a Symphony of Unborn ShoutsPortrait of the Artist as a Young GodThe Last GhostHaunted HousesThe stories in this book run the gamut from humor to pathos, and demonstrate the evolution of a prolific writer in the speculative fiction field. Enjoy!
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