Alter Ego

Autor: Jo Grant

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

It was a miracle. Most coma patients either recovered within a few days, or they never came back at all.Kayla Farrell had been in a coma for three long years. Everyone had given up hope--except for one courageous nurse who was willing to try anything to revive her patient!But waking up to the sound of her favorite actor’s voice was only the first step on Kayla’s long, arduous road to recovery.Alex Matthews, lead star of the award-winning series "The Bureau," had heard all the rumors. How this unknown little writer had been in a three-year coma, how the sound of his voice had pulled her back from death’s door. How the first word out of her mouth had been his character’s name. And how, despite all her infirmities, she’d written the most amazing script ever to cross a producer’s desk. The entire thing sounded too weird to be true.The prospect of dealing with a cripple scared the daylights out of him. So when Kayla and her devoted nurse actually arrived on the exotic "Bureau" set to watch her movie being filmed, Alex found himself being forced to confront his deepest fears.Yet despite her confining wheelchair, Kayla Farrell was beautiful, vibrant, full of life. And try as he might, he couldn’t help being drawn by her clever wit, and her tenacious struggle to walk again.But Alex wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Kayla’s vivacious company. He’d lost out to his co-star Tommy Anders’ boyish charm before--but never when it had mattered so much.His timing for the camera was impeccable. But in his personal life, somehow he managed to botch it every time. Could he manage to overcome his fears, and win Kayla’s love, before their return to civilization separated them forever?
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