Bound For My Daddy

Autor: Laura Lovecraft

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

18-year-old Keri is in big trouble. It started off innocently enough, with her sneaking two friends in for a sleepover while her folks were gone.Her friends brought out a bottle of Southern Comfort and some pot. Keri didn't want to look like a little kid, so she partied with them until she passed out. That's when things really went downhill.Keri awakens to find herself tied down to the bed. What Keri didn't know is that the last guy she had sex with was one of the girl's boyfriends, and they're getting even with her. After teasing and tormenting her for a few minutes, they strip her and leave her tied naked to the bed for her mother to find.But it's not her mother who finds her...
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