Quest for Love - A Woman s Journey Toward Empowerment

Autor: Ula Molęda

Wydawnictwo: Ula Moleda

This is a beautiful, heart-touching story about a woman’s quest for love, soul-searching and self-discovery. Maya’s journey begins with being thrown into a black abyss of self-doubt and uncertainty after an unexpected divorce. Endless questions like ghosts arise to haunt her soul. Will she be able to find inner peace and happiness again? Will she be able to trust another man and share her love and life with him? But what she thought was the end was only just the beginning of her new adventure. Out of desperation she leaves everything she knows in her native country of Poland and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and wholeness traveling to America and then in India. Along the way she faces many challenges and gradually gains new insights and new tools to aid her in her recovery. Her quest for love and spiritual truths takes her on the most difficult journey, the journey to love one’s self.

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