Practical Oracle E-Business Suite

Autor: Syed Zaheer

Wydawnictwo: APRESS

Learn to build and implement a robust Oracle E-Business Suite system using the new  release, EBS 12.2. This hands-on, real-world guide explains the rationale for using an Oracle E-Business Suite environment in a business enterprise and covers the major technology stack changes from EBS version 11i through R12.2. You will learn to build up an EBS environment from a simple single-node installation to a complex multi-node high available setup.

Practical Oracle E-Business Suite focuses on release R12.2, but key areas in R12.1 are also covered wherever necessary. Detailed instructions are provided for the installation of EBS R12.2 in single and multi-node configurations, the logic and methodology used in EBS patching, and cloning of EBS single-node and complex multi-node environments configured with RAC. This book also provides information on FMW used in EBS 12.2, as well as performance tuning and EBS 12.2 on engineered system implementations.


  • Understand Oracle EBS software and the underlying technology stack components
  • Install/configure Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 in simple and HA complex setups
  • Manage Oracle EBS 12.2
  • Use online patching (adop) for Installation of Oracle EBS patches
  • Clone an EBS environment in simple and complex configurations
  • Perform and tune Oracle EBS in all layers (Application/DB/OS/NW)
  • Secure E-Business Suite R12.2

Who This Book Is For:

Developers, data architects, and data scientists looking to integrate the most successful big data open stack architecture and how to choose the correct technology in every layer

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