Introducing Vala Programming

Autor: Michael Lauer

Wydawnictwo: APRESS

Get an introduction into the Vala programming language and learn about its syntax, semantics, and idioms. Do you want to boost your productivity? Are you interested in a programming language that combines the efficiency of a scripting language with the performance of a compiled language? Did you always want to write GTK+ or GNOME programs, but hate C with a passion? Read this book and learn Vala!

Introducing Vala Programming starts from Hello World and goes up to graphical user interfaces using GTK+, covering DBus interprocess communication, network programming, Linux specifics, and more. You’ll learn how to leverage external libraries and enhance Vala by writing bindings to new libraries.

What You Will Learn
  • Discover the Vala programming language and how to use it to boost your productivity
  • Use Vala syntax and semantics
  • Write object-oriented code with Vala
  • Work with DBus
  • Implement networking with Vala
  • Integrate and use external libraries with bindings and libgusb

Who This Book Is For

People with basic programming experience in any imperative programming language. 

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