Hands On Google Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner

Autor: Navin Sabharwal

Wydawnictwo: APRESS

Discover the methodologies and best practices for getting started with Google Cloud Platform relational services – CloudSQL and CloudSpanner.

The book begins with the basics of working with the Google Cloud Platform along with an introduction to the database technologies available for developers from Google Cloud.  You'll then take an in-depth hands on journey into Google CloudSQL and CloudSpanner, including choosing the right platform for your application needs, planning, provisioning, designing and developing your application. 

Sample applications are given that use Python to connect to CloudSQL and CloudSpanner, along with helpful features provided by the engines. You''ll also implement practical best practices in the last chapter. Hands On Google Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner is a great starting point to apply GCP data offerings in your technology stack and the code used allows you to try out the examples and extend them in interesting ways.

What You'll Learn
  • Get started with Big Data technologies on the Google Cloud Platform 
  • Review CloudSQL and Cloud Spanner  from basics to administration
  • Apply best practices and use Google’s CloudSQL and CloudSpanner offering
  • Work with code in Python notebooks and scripts
Who This Book Is For

Application architects, database architects, software developers, data engineers, cloud architects.

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