Designing Delivery. Rethinking IT in the Digital Service Economy

Autor: Jeff Sussna


Now that moving from a product economy to a digital service economy, software is becoming critical for navigating our everyday lives. The quality of your service depends on how well it helps customers accomplish goals and satisfy needs. Service quality is not about designing capabilities, but about making-and keeping-promises to customers.

To help you improve customer satisfaction and create positive brand experiences, this pragmatic book introduces a transdisciplinary approach to digital service delivery. Designing a resilient service today requires a unified effort across front-office and back-office functions and technical and business perspectives. You...ll learn how make IT a full partner in the ongoing conversations you have with your customers.

  • Take a unique customer-centered approach to the entire service delivery lifecycle
  • Apply this perspective across development, operations, QA, design, project management, and marketing
  • Implement a specific quality assurance methodology that unifies those disciplines
  • Use the methodology to achieve true resilience, not just stability
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