DevOps Hiring

Autor: Dave Zwieback


If your organization has embraced DevOps, you need people whose nonlinear career paths and wide-ranging interests will help you remove dysfunctional silos. But your efforts to hire DevOps practitioners aren't working. How do you unearth these DevOps creatures? Think like one.

In this Web Ops & Performance report, Dave Zwieback describes a successful model for finding, hiring, and retaining talent based on the DevOps philosophy of Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing.

This concise report covers:

  • Why the current recruiting model is broken
  • How a culture of engagement gives candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers a common goal
  • Finding "dark pools" of candidates via automation
  • What attractive metrics to ditch in order to focus on what's business-critical
  • Sharing the rich opportunities of failures as well as successes

  • Download this free report to learn unorthodox but effective ways to find people who fit your company, and discover why prioritizing employee engagement and fulfillment leads to increased productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction.

    Dave Zwieback has been managing large-scale, mission-critical infrastructure and teams for 17 years.
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