Windows Vista Pocket Reference. A Compact Guide to Windows Vista

Autor: Preston Gralla


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Windows Vista Pocket Reference is the ideal guide to setting up and navigating the basics of this new operating system, from the new user interface to networking, multimedia, security, and mobility. This pocket reference offers four sections that will familiarize readers with Vista quickly:

  • Getting Started gives a crash course in using Windows Vista, including the user interface, handling files, folders, drives and search, and working with hardware.

  • Networking, the Internet and Wireless offers a tour of Internet Explorer 7, a wireless networking guide, and how to set up and maintain home networks.

  • Multimedia shows how to use the Media Center, Windows Media Player, and how to handle graphics and photos, podcasts and MP3 players.

  • Security, Mobility, and Troubleshooting visits the security features, shows how to tune up Vista, troubleshoot problems, and use Vista with mobile devices.
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