Fire Phone: Out of the Box. A get-started-now guide to Firefly, Mayday, Dynamic Perspective, and other new features

Autor: Brian Sawyer


Dive straight into hot Fire phone features you won...t find in any other device-like Firefly, Mayday, and Dynamic Perspective-with this concise hands-on guide. You probably already know how to make calls, text, and take photos with Amazon...s new phone, but where it really shines is in innovative features never even seen before. This intuitive, easy-to-follow book opens a world of possibilities with the Fire phone, right out of the box.

  • Instantly identify and order just about any product with Firefly-from DVDs, CDs, and books (or their electronic equivalents) to nearly anything else with a barcode
  • Use Mayday to get live, hands-on tech support and customer service right on your phone
  • Immerse yourself in 3D games, maps, and apps with the Dynamic Perspective sensor system
  • Navigate easily with new one-handed (and no-handed!) gestures found only on Fire phone
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