High Performance Mobile Web. Best Practices for Optimizing Mobile Web Apps

Autor: Maximiliano Firtman

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Optimize the performance of your mobile websites and webapps to the extreme. With this hands-on book, veteran mobile and web developer Maximiliano Firtman demonstrates which aspects of your site or app slow down the user...s experience, and what you can do to achieve lightning-fast performance. There...s much at stake: if you want to boost your app...s conversion rate, then tackling performance issues is the best way to start.

Learn tools and techniques for working with responsive web design, images, the network layer, and many other ingredients-plus the metrics to check your progress. Ideal for web developers and web designers with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTTP experience, this is your guide to superior mobile web performance.

You...ll dive into:

  • Emulators, simulators, and other tools for measuring performance
  • Basic web performance concepts, including metrics, charts, and goals
  • How to get real data from mobile browsers on your real networks
  • APIs and specs for measuring, tracking and improving web performance
  • Insights and tricks for optimizing the first view experience
  • Ways to optimize post-loading experiences and future visits
  • Responsive web design and its performance challenges
  • Tips for extreme performance to achieve best conversion rates
  • How to work with web views inside native apps
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