Monitoring with Graphite. Tracking Dynamic Host and Application Metrics at Scale

Autor: Jason Dixon

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Graphite has become one of the most powerful monitoring tools available today, due to its ease of use, rapid graph prototyping abilities, and a friendly rendering API. With this practical guide, system administrators and engineers will learn how to use this open source tool to track operational data you need to monitor your systems, as well as application-level metrics for profiling your services.Author Jason Dixon, member of the Graphite project, provides a thorough introduction of Graphite from the basics to the skills and tools you need for troubleshooting and scaling out its software components. If you want to learn more about monitoring systems, services, or applications, this is the book you need.Get an introduction to monitoring, including important concepts and terminologyExamine the features and functionality of key Graphite components, including Carbon and WhisperLearn the typical user workflow necessary to create a basic line chartBuild complex charts with chained functions and multiple axes that interact directly with the rendering APIUnderstand how to use the native Graphite dashboard, as well as the more popular third-party dashboardsMaster the art of scaling and troubleshooting high-performance or highly available Graphite clusters
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