Programming WCF Services. Design and Build Maintainable Service-Oriented Systems

Autor: Juval Lowy, Michael Montgomery


Programming WCF Services is the authoritative, bestselling guide to Microsoft...s unified platform for developing modern, service-oriented applications on Windows. Hailed as the definitive treatment of WCF, this guide provides unique insight, rather than documentation, to help you learn the topics and skills you need for building maintainable, extensible, and reusable WCF-based applications.

Authors Juval Löwy-one of the world...s top .NET experts-and Michael Montgomery have revised this edition to include the productivity-enhancing features of .NET Framework 4.6, along with the latest WCF ideas and techniques. By teaching you the why and the how of WCF programming, this book will help you master WCF and make you a better software engineer.

  • Learn WCF...s architecture and essential building blocks, including key concepts such as reliability and transport sessions
  • Use built-in features such as service contracts, instance and concurrency management, transactions, queued services, and security
  • Increase the quality of your WCF services by using design options, tips, and best practices in Löwy...s ServiceModelEx framework
  • Understand the rationale behind particular design decisions, and rarely understood aspects of WCF development
  • Learn why Azure Service Fabric is the killer app for modern DevOps
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