Enyo: Up and Running. Build Native-Quality Cross-Platform JavaScript Apps

Autor: Roy Sutton


Discover how easy it is to design and build responsive, cross-platform apps with the Enyo open source JavaScript framework. With this revised and expanded edition, Enyo contributor Roy Sutton gets you started with the framework...s core object-oriented features, including its modular design, reusable and extensible components, layout and widget libraries, easy-to-use deployment options, and support for HTML5 standards.

You...ll also delve into Enyo...s latest features, including models, collections, data binding, and computed properties. Before you know it, you...ll be writing native-quality, data-driven apps that work equally well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Are you familiar with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript? Then ready for Enyo.

  • Build a sample project to get the feel of Enyo right away
  • Learn Enyo...s component building blocks, or "kinds"
  • Design compelling and responsive apps with Enyo...s layout library
  • Build unique user interfaces with the Onyx library and widget set
  • Find and share reusable components in the community gallery
  • Explore the Moonstone Smart TV UI library
  • Tackle debugging, performance tuning, and globalization
  • Package your app for the Web, desktop, mobile, and TVs
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