Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5. Vector Graphics for Web Design

Autor: Amelia Bellamy-Royds, Kurt Cagle, Dudley Storey

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for illustrations only scratches the surface of this format’s potential on the web. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how to use SVG not only for illustrations but also as graphical documents that you can integrate into complex HTML5 web pages, and style with custom CSS. Web developers will discover ways to adapt designs by adding data based graphics, dynamic styles, interaction, or animation.Divided into five parts, this book includes:SVG on the web: Understand how SVG works with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to define graphicsDrawing with markup: Learn the vector language of x and y coordinates that let SVG create basic and custom shapesPutting graphics in their place: Use the coordinate system to draw SVG shapes and text at different scales and positionsArtistic touches: Explore how color is used, how strokes are created and manipulated, and how graphical effects like filters, clipping, and masking are appliedSVG as an application: Make your graphic more accessible to humans and computers, and learn how to make it interactive or animated
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