Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps. From Concept to Implementation to Real-World Solutions

Autor: Jason Strimpel, Maxime Najim

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Isomorphic JavaScript, often described as the holy grail of web application development, refers to running JavaScript code on both the browser client and web application server. This application architecture has become increasingly popular for the benefits of SEO, optimized page load and full control of the UI, and isomorphic libraries are being used at companies like Walmart, Airbnb, Facebook, and Netflix.

With this practical book, authors Jason Strimpel and Maxime Najim provide the knowledge you need to build and maintain your own isomorphic JavaScript apps.

This book includes:

  • Part 1 identifies different classifications of isomorphic JavaScript apps, and shows you how to set up a development environment
  • Part 2 takes you from theory to practice by showing you how to build out your own isomorphic app
  • Part 3 takes you through existing solutions in the market today, providing you with the knowledge you need to bring isomorphic solutions into your development workflow
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