Practical Modern JavaScript. Dive into ES6 and the Future of JavaScript

Autor: Nicolas Bevacqua

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

To get the most out of modern JavaScript, you need learn the latest features of its parent specification, ECMAScript 6 (ES6). This book provides a highly practical look at ES6, without getting lost in the specification or its implementation details. Armed with practical examples, author Nicolas Bevacqua shows you new ways to deal with asynchronous flow control, declare objects or functions, and create proxies or unique sets, among many other features.The first title in Bevacqua’s Modular JavaScript series, Practical Modern JavaScript prepares JavaScript and Node.js developers for applied lessons in modular design, testing, and deployment in subsequent books.This book explains:How JavaScript and its standards development process have evolvedEssential ES6 changes, including arrow functions, destructuring, let and constClass syntax for declaring object prototypes, and the new Symbol primitiveHow to handle flow control with Promises, iterators, generators, and async functionsES6 collection built-in types for creating object maps and unique setsHow and when to use the new Proxy and Reflect built-insChanges to Array, Math, numbers, strings, Unicode, and regular expressions, and other improvements since ES5
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