Stream Processing with Apache Spark. Mastering Structured Streaming and Spark Streaming

Autor: Gerard Maas, Francois Garillot

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Before you can build analytics tools to gain quick insights, you first need to know how to process data in real time. With this practical guide, developers familiar with Apache Spark will learn how to put this in-memory framework to use for streaming data. You’ll discover how Spark enables you to write streaming jobs in almost the same way you write batch jobs.Authors Gerard Maas and François Garillot help you explore the theoretical underpinnings of Apache Spark. This comprehensive guide features two sections that compare and contrast the streaming APIs Spark now supports: the original Spark Streaming library and the newer Structured Streaming API.Learn fundamental stream processing concepts and examine different streaming architecturesExplore Structured Streaming through practical examples; learn different aspects of stream processing in detailCreate and operate streaming jobs and applications with Spark Streaming; integrate Spark Streaming with other Spark APIsLearn advanced Spark Streaming techniques, including approximation algorithms and machine learning algorithmsCompare Apache Spark to other stream processing projects, including Apache Storm, Apache Flink, and Apache Kafka Streams
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