iMovie: The Missing Manual. 2014 release, covers iMovie 10.0 for Mac and 2.0 for iOS

Autor: David Pogue, Aaron Miller


This edition covers iMovie 10.0 for Mac and iMovie 2.0 for iOS.

iMovie's sophisticated tools make it easier than ever to turn raw footage into sleek, entertaining movies-once you understand how to harness its features. Experts David Pogue and Aaron Miller give you hands-on advice and step-by-step instructions for creating polished movies on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Dive in and discover why this is the top-selling iMovie book.

The important stuff you need to know

  • Get started. Import footage, review clips, and create movies, using iMovie...s new, streamlined layout.
  • Include stunning effects. Introduce instant replays, freeze frames, fast-forward or slo-mo clips, and fade-outs.
  • Add pro touches. Create cutaways, picture-in-picture boxes, side-by-side shots, and green-screen effects.
  • Make movies on iOS devices. Tackle projects on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with our book-within-a-book.
  • Produce stunning trailers. Craft your own Hollywood-style “Coming Attractions!" previews.
  • Share your masterpiece. Quickly post movies to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport, and iTunes.
  • Watch iMovie Theater. Play your movies on any Apple gadget in iMovie...s new full-screen cinema.
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