JSON at Work. Practical Data Integration for the Web

Autor: Tom Marrs

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

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JSON is becoming the backbone for meaningful data interchange over the internet. This format is now supported by an entire ecosystem of standards, tools, and technologies for building truly elegant, useful, and efficient applications. With this hands-on guide, author and architect Tom Marrs shows you how to build enterprise-class applications and services by leveraging JSON tooling and message/document design.JSON at Work provides application architects and developers with guidelines, best practices, and use cases, along with lots of real-world examples and code samples. You’ll start with a comprehensive JSON overview, explore the JSON ecosystem, and then dive into JSON’s use in the enterprise.Get acquainted with JSON basics and learn how to model JSON dataLearn how to use JSON with Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and JavaStructure JSON documents with JSON Schema to design and test APIsSearch the contents of JSON documents with JSON Search toolsConvert JSON documents to other data formats with JSON Transform toolsCompare JSON-based hypermedia formats, including HAL and jsonapiLeverage MongoDB to store and access JSON documentsUse Apache Kafka to exchange JSON-based messages between services
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