Visualizing Streaming Data. Interactive Analysis Beyond Static Limits

Autor: Anthony Aragues

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

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While tools for analyzing streaming and real-time data are gaining adoption, the ability to visualize these data types has yet to catch up. Dashboards are good at conveying daily or weekly data trends at a glance, though capturing snapshots when data is transforming from moment to moment is more difficult—but not impossible.With this practical guide, application designers, data scientists, and system administrators will explore ways to create visualizations that bring context and a sense of time to streaming text data. Author Anthony Aragues guides you through the concepts and tools you need to build visualizations for analyzing data as it arrives.Determine your company’s goals for visualizing streaming dataIdentify key data sources and learn how to stream themLearn practical methods for processing streaming dataBuild a client application for interacting with events, logs, and recordsExplore common components for visualizing streaming dataConsider analysis concepts for developing your visualizationDefine the dashboard’s layout, flow direction, and component movementImprove visualization quality and productivity through collaborationExplore use cases including security, IoT devices, and application data
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