Mastering Corda

Autor: Jamiel Sheikh

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Mastering Corda provides you with a consistent, linear, and paced path to learning Corda and building modern enterprise-grade decentralized applications. Using this book, anyone from a complete blockchain beginner to an experienced blockchain or enterprise architect can rapidly understand and write applications like a pro while exploring the technical nuances and intricacies of the Corda platform.Corda is designed for use cases such as finance and investments, supply chain, healthcare, trade finance, insurance, and real estate that require a high-volume of transactions, scalability, and data privacy. If you have basic Java skills, this book will help you understand blockchain and show how you can get started immediately and be involved in the disruption of the future.With this book, you will:Understand Corda's value proposition and alignment with business strategies--particularly relevant to business executives and architectsDive deep into Corda's architecture and blockchain fundamentalsRapidly gain extensive knowledge of and hands-on experience with building Corda applicationsCompare and contrast Corda with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and HyperledgerEffectively prepare for the Corda certification exam and job interviews involving blockchainPerform data analytics and machine learning on Corda nodes
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