JavaScript Cookbook. 3rd Edition

Autor: Adam D. Scott, Matthew MacDonald, Shelley Powers

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

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Why reinvent the wheel every time you run into a problem with JavaScript? This cookbook is chock-full of code recipes for common programming tasks, along with techniques for building apps that work in any browser. You'll get adaptable code samples that you can add to almost any project--and you'll learn more about JavaScript in the process.The recipes in this book take advantage of the latest features in ECMAScript 2020 and beyond and use modern JavaScript coding standards. You'll learn how to:Set up a productive development environment with a code editor, linter, and test serverWork with JavaScript data types, such as strings, arrays, and BigIntsImprove your understanding of JavaScript functions, including arrow functions, closures, and generatorsApply object-oriented programming concepts like classes and inheritanceWork with rich media in JavaScript, including audio, video, and SVGsManipulate HTML markup and CSS stylesUse JavaScript anywhere with Node.jsAccess and manipulate remote data with REST, GraphQL, and FetchGet started with the popular Express application-building frameworkPerform asynchronous operations with Promises, async/await, and web workers
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